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"Zencoder has been a big part of our success. Our interactions with their platform and team have exceeded our expectations. Zencoder was the right choice for PBS."

- Jon Brendsel,
VP of Product for PBS Interactive

"If we have to re-encode our library, we need to be able to do it quickly. Brightcove is run by people whose expertise I trust, and who continue to innovate as the market changes. It's comforting to know that the Zencoder service keeps up with the standards, so that we don't have to."

- Ken Scott-Hlebek,
Vice President of Engineering

"Speed is important when delivering content like news programming. Now that we are using Zencoder, viewers can watch PBS NewsHour on their iPad or iPhone an hour after it airs."

"With Zencoder our processing time was reduced by 50% and their ability to run simultaneous jobs means videos are processed even faster."

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"You guys are awesome."

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"We have thrown thousands of videos at Zencoder simultaneously without any problem."

VHX saved an estimated $100,000 per year, previously devoted to building, monitoring and maintaining the DIY encoding solution. "Zencoder makes it easy to present the level of quality our users expect from VHX, and everything just works."

- Jamie Wilkinson,
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of VHX

"Zencoder is like IGN — a lean and agile company, but they focus on one very hard thing — video encoding — and they do it best."

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"Zencoder responded very quickly to support requests during our initial integration, and in the five months since, the service has continued to work seamlessly."

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"Zencoder has won the contest for speed, encoding quality and customer service."

Zencoder, without a doubt has been" the best third-party service provider I've ever encountered. They are fast, efficient, and incredibly knowledgable and always resolve issues in a timely manner."

"Zencoder is a huge time saver for us. Without them, we'd be going through quite a bit more pain to send our educational videos to the iPad crowd."

"Since working with Concrete Interactive and Zencoder, HitRECord's video upload process has been smoother, the quality is excellent and processing times are really quick."

- Joseph Gordon-Levitt,
"RegularJoe" of HitRECord

"We knew from experience that Brightcove’s Zencoder Live Cloud Transcoding service would be the tool that made the live stream logistics happen successfully. Zencoder supports all the codecs and formats necessary to reach viewers across the variety of Web browsers used by consumers today."

- Brent Turner,
Vice President of Marketing Solutions for Cramer

"Zencoder was 10x faster than our homemade ffmpeg/EC2 system. It took waiting time from an average of 20 min per video to under 2 minutes."

"Zencoder is very reliable and they are very responsive to our requests. Encoding is a core part of our business and now we never have to worry about it."

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"Switching to Zencoder immediately cut our encoding time in half. The API is easy to integrate, the tech support is stellar, and the reliability is rock solid."

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"Zencoder is the only one that meets our encoding success requirements. Pricing is predictable and extremely competitive - the customer service is bar none!"

A cloud-based service (Zencoder) made it possible to process thousands of videos without requiring any up-front investment in transcoding infrastructure, making the ambitious campaign vision a financial reality.

"With Zencoder’s fast turnaround, we can do four or five new versions of each video format whenever we want without worrying about any kind of server burden."

- Eren Bali,
CEO & Co-Founder at Udemy

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"We have a more reliable service and happier customers since we integrated with Zencoder."

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"The Zencoder site and API are excellent. Hats off to your development and documentation teams."

"We've been really happy with Zencoder. Support has had great turnaround times and we've been really happy with encoding performance."

"We are super excited, thank you, Zencoder! You just made our project so much better! My only regret is that we didn't switch sooner."