Send an API request and publish a RTMP stream to start a live transcoding job.


Zencoder ingests the RTMP stream, converts it to multiple bitrate streams in RTMP or HLS, and publishes them to a CDN location specified in the API call.


As streams become available for playback, Zencoder sends HTTP notifications with published bitrates and formats.

Zencoder's Live Cloud Transcoding API enables content providers to deliver adaptive bitrate streaming to multiple devices from a single RTMP origin stream. Our powerful cloud transcoding platform reduces operational cost and complexity, eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks, and provides viewers with a high quality user experience on their device of choice.

API Features

What makes a great API? We believe an API should not only be robust in its features, but elegant in its simplicity. Zencoder RESTful API is extensively documented with easy-to-use guides and detailed descriptions, as well as thoroughly tested code libraries and code examples for every encoding setting. It features readable JSON, predictable settings, thorough documentation, and a number of tools to make the integration process even easier.

For a complete list of encoding features, check out the Features page.

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