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Zencoder depends on open source software. We also believe in giving back, through donation, sponsorship, contributing patches, and releasing our own open source software.

Zencoder Open Source Tools


A Ruby gem for reading and writing M3U files. (Gem, GitHub)


A task scheduler similar to cron but allows tasks to occur more than once a minute. (Gem, GitHub)

Ceiling Cat

A plugin powered chat bot compatible with Campfire and IRC. (Gem, GitHub)


A locking mechanism for limiting the concurrency of ruby code using the database. (Gem, GitHub)

Assistly Ruby Wrapper

Assistly is an awesome helpdesk tool. We built a Ruby wrapper for Assistly's REST API. (Gem, GitHub)


A Ruby / Rails wrapper for IndexTank—an awesome hosted search service. (Gem, GitHub)

Open Source Projects Using Zencoder

drupal video

Drupal Video

Drupal Video is a module for the Drupal open source CMS that allows you to upload, convert, and playback videos on your Drupal site.